The HALLOWEEN Disguise


Today, we meet again to talk HALLOWEEN ….

This rather modern and well-known custom requires children to disguise themselves with rather frightening costumes, preferably as a witch, a ghost, a vampire, a monster, an elf, a bat, Dracula or Frankenstein … and go through each house ringing and asking for candy, fruit or a spell using a formula imported from the United States ‘Trick or treat!’ or Happy Halloween!

Until last year, in our little village, the Halloween party went almost unnoticed, only 3 children accompanied by their moms dared to door to door …

And then last year?

– I receive a message sms asking me if my loulou wanted to go around the borough for Halloween, departure in 1 hour at this place …..

– Immediately I answer ok and I hear super awesome, it’s cool ……

Except that, big bugs, I confess that at home, we have absolutely nothing about Halloween, no hat, no cape, no mask at last … nothing nothing nothing …. my loulou began to have tears in your eyes (I remember it as if it were yesterday ….) … what to do?

Joker 1: I call my mom to ask her if she still has our children’s disguises …… the answer is no ….

Joker 2: I call my sister and she tells me, I have a mask if you want …

Ah well, a little that I want ….. and I want it now …… phew, my loulou is saved …..

Here is the photo of my lout of last year with his mask