Advantages To Use A Leather

At first glance, leatherette is more real than life and often looks like the original to the touch. Advantages To Use A Leather It is perfectly in the trend and is often used for the manufacture of clothes. Leather jackets are essential and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Thanks to leatherette, jackets become accessible, without appearing of less value. The material can easily compete with leather and offers other benefits. Leatherette has already existed for many decades. It groups materials that look like leather, but can not be declared as such. As a rule, the imitation leather is an alloy of different textiles or nonwovens, coated with PVC or polyurethane. The modern leatherette is coated with polyurethane. The material looks so much like real leather that the difference can barely be discovered. Leatherette jackets are, for example, much easier to maintain and much cheaper than leather jackets. In addition, the imitation leather garments have a long life and are so solid that you can enjoy for years. Many possibilities of combination thanks to the variety of colors In the CECIL online shop, you will find many imitation leather jackets. A leather jacket should not be missing on any coat rack. She can match in different ways and remains very casual in many outfits. Thanks to the different cuts and colors, you will quickly find your favorite model. The imitation leather jackets are unbeatable with jeans or dresses. The leather jacket is perfect for the mid-season and is timeless. Discover our wide selection for a wide range of possibilities at CECIL.