How to wear a leather jackets Women Guide lines

How to wear a leather jackets Women Guide lines

The ultimate wardrobe (without taking the head) contains a little black dress, a tailor, booties, some blouses, stilettos and so on! Another piece that should be in your wardrobe, if you have not already done so, is the so-called perfect leather jacket. Not knowing if this is a pun or not, this jacket is really a perfect item to create a look that will suit you. The wonderful perfect gives your style a mouthful without much effort. Whether you are tall, small or even smaller, this jacket is for you. Here are some looks to help you create your own style this spring!

The sports woman

Without a doubt, the perfect arranged with flat shoes or running shoes is one of the most beautiful sets. Simple, effective and stylish! This look is reminiscent of a laid-back weekend.

The minimalist

Are you addicted to black and structured clothes? The perfect is ideal to add a layer (notice to fans of layering) that will complete your look. Black and white are THE color combination that will always be classic. Would you dare put a nice scarlet lipstick for a little punch?


The color fan

The perfect is not obliged to be black and with good reason! There are several styles and textures that will please you. Dare a color that will bring out your complexion, spring is coming!