Neve Campbell Why I disappeared from Hollywood

Neve Campbell, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Neve Campbell is reaching new heights with her new movie Skyscraper.

But when the 44-year-old actress appeared in The Late Show to promote her feature film (opposite Dwayne Johnson), presenter Stephen Colbert could not help but ask why it was not more seen in blockbusters during this last decade. “Everybody knows you for your roles in Five-Life, Dangerous Alliance, the Four Scream, House of Cards Season 4. Ten years ago, you had the world at your feet, with the Rolling Stone cover , the presentation of Saturday Night Live, and then you left, you went to London, why do not you like us, Neve Campbell? “asked the presenter. “Why did you leave the United States?”

“I just needed a moment for myself,” the actress replied with a laugh. “It was a long time, a real long time.”