Avengers at Ubisoft

The Avengers – Battle for Earth: that’s what could be the title of the video game based on the latest cinematic success of Marvel Studios. In any case, a domain name has indeed been filed in these terms by the comics company a day before the release of the film in the United States, according to Whois. We also discover that Ubisoft is at the helm of development. We are waiting for an official announcement soon.

Strangely enough, no game based on The Avengers, the next feature film Marvel that brings together its greatest superheroes, had yet been announced. It is now done, even if nothing is official yet. TQ Jefferson, vice president of video game production at Marvel, however, said on the blog RipTen, on the occasion of the launch of a game The Avengers on Facebook: “The Avengers, c ‘ is much wider than a single game and we plan to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the experience regardless of their gameplay or platform preferences. ” We must surely see the coming arrival of games based on the license, on several media and perhaps even in different genres. The release date of the film is now past, fans can keep a slim hope for the quality of the title.