• How to wear a leather jackets Women Guide lines

    How to wear a leather jackets Women Guide lines

    The ultimate wardrobe (without taking the head) contains a little black dress, a tailor, booties, some blouses, stilettos and so on! Another piece that should be in your wardrobe, if you have not already done so, is the so-called perfect leather jacket. Not knowing if this is a pun or not, this jacket is really a perfect item to create a look that will suit you. The wonderful perfect gives your style a mouthful without much effort. Whether you are tall, small or even smaller, this jacket is for you. Here are some looks to help you create your own style this spring!

    The sports woman

    Without a doubt, the perfect arranged with flat shoes or running shoes is one of the most beautiful sets. Simple, effective and stylish! This look is reminiscent of a laid-back weekend.

    The minimalist

    Are you addicted to black and structured clothes? The perfect is ideal to add a layer (notice to fans of layering) that will complete your look. Black and white are THE color combination that will always be classic. Would you dare put a nice scarlet lipstick for a little punch?


    The color fan

    The perfect is not obliged to be black and with good reason! There are several styles and textures that will please you. Dare a color that will bring out your complexion, spring is coming!

  • Neve Campbell Why I disappeared from Hollywood

    Neve Campbell, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Neve Campbell is reaching new heights with her new movie Skyscraper.

    But when the 44-year-old actress appeared in The Late Show to promote her feature film (opposite Dwayne Johnson), presenter Stephen Colbert could not help but ask why it was not more seen in blockbusters during this last decade. “Everybody knows you for your roles in Five-Life, Dangerous Alliance, the Four Scream, House of Cards Season 4. Ten years ago, you had the world at your feet, with the Rolling Stone cover , the presentation of Saturday Night Live, and then you left, you went to London, why do not you like us, Neve Campbell? “asked the presenter. “Why did you leave the United States?”

    “I just needed a moment for myself,” the actress replied with a laugh. “It was a long time, a real long time.”



  • Advantages To Use A Leather

    At first glance, leatherette is more real than life and often looks like the original to the touch. Advantages To Use A Leather It is perfectly in the trend and is often used for the manufacture of clothes. Leather jackets are essential and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Thanks to leatherette, jackets become accessible, without appearing of less value. The material can easily compete with leather and offers other benefits. Leatherette has already existed for many decades. It groups materials that look like leather, but can not be declared as such. As a rule, the imitation leather is an alloy of different textiles or nonwovens, coated with PVC or polyurethane. The modern leatherette is coated with polyurethane. The material looks so much like real leather that the difference can barely be discovered. Leatherette jackets are, for example, much easier to maintain and much cheaper than leather jackets. In addition, the imitation leather garments have a long life and are so solid that you can enjoy for years. Many possibilities of combination thanks to the variety of colors In the CECIL online shop, you will find many imitation leather jackets. A leather jacket should not be missing on any coat rack. She can match in different ways and remains very casual in many outfits. Thanks to the different cuts and colors, you will quickly find your favorite model. The imitation leather jackets are unbeatable with jeans or dresses. The leather jacket is perfect for the mid-season and is timeless. Discover our wide selection for a wide range of possibilities at CECIL.

  • The HALLOWEEN Disguise


    Today, we meet again to talk HALLOWEEN ….

    This rather modern and well-known custom requires children to disguise themselves with rather frightening costumes, preferably as a witch, a ghost, a vampire, a monster, an elf, a bat, Dracula or Frankenstein … and go through each house ringing and asking for candy, fruit or a spell using a formula imported from the United States ‘Trick or treat!’ or Happy Halloween!

    Until last year, in our little village, the Halloween party went almost unnoticed, only 3 children accompanied by their moms dared to door to door …

    And then last year?

    – I receive a message sms asking me if my loulou wanted to go around the borough for Halloween, departure in 1 hour at this place …..

    – Immediately I answer ok and I hear super awesome, it’s cool ……

    Except that, big bugs, I confess that at home, we have absolutely nothing about Halloween, no hat, no cape, no mask at last … nothing nothing nothing …. my loulou began to have tears in your eyes (I remember it as if it were yesterday ….) … what to do?

    Joker 1: I call my mom to ask her if she still has our children’s disguises …… the answer is no ….

    Joker 2: I call my sister and she tells me, I have a mask if you want …

    Ah well, a little that I want ….. and I want it now …… phew, my loulou is saved …..

    Here is the photo of my lout of last year with his mask

  • Jacket With Fringes

    Hello girls! How is it going ? Jacket With Fringes At this time, I’m in Venice blog trip to attend the More Festival. However, that does not stop me from posting here the look of this weekend! So right now, I’m in PASSION FRANGES mode! It’s too much

    I bought in the space of a month jackets, a skirt and a jacket with fringes. I do not know how to explain this dress, but I love to see the fringes follow the movements of the body and / or the gestures. I find that such details, whether fringes, eyelets, knots, holes etc … really gives a pure style to the garment. Bye bye the classic jacket in jeans, we dare the fantasies! Well then after we like it or not, I agree, but personally I am in SUR-KIFF!

    This beautiful white jacket comes from Zara, current collection. For size I recommend you to take a size below because it is super big! Here, I’m wearing a size S!

    For the rest of the outfit, I found this crochet top at Mango. Slightly croppy, if you associate it with a high-waisted jeans, it’s great! To be comfortable, I decided to put my jeans Levis which has a cut high waist. In this way, the bidou is not too visible (ahah). To stay in a bohemian style, I released my hooves from Texto

  • Deadpool 2 offers his Valentines Day Cards 2018

    Deadpool loves Valentine’s Day and lets you know as much as it can, in a marketing demonstration that will entertain fans of the character, and geeks in a global way, with cards in the colors of the characters in the film.

    Whether you opt for Domino, Dopinder the taxi driver, Blind or Deadpool himself, you have the options to declare your love to the chosen one of your heart. Although we advise you to invite him to McDo. Though ?



    It was thought that the tv spots for Avengers: Infinity War would be content to recycle the same plans already seen in trailers with the best micro-seconds of unpublished. We made a mistake.

    Marvel Studios has indeed put online a new TV spot, a good minute (twice the usual), and even for those who have watched all the promotional material of Infinity War so far, a ton unpublished plans responds present.

    There is an important focus on Wakanda and the battle between the heroes of the MCU Titan Fou Thanos, with a point on the reunion between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, Shuri or Scarlet Witch in action – in short, nothing really spoiler, but clearly enough to revive the flame of curiosity, as well as the hype to wait until the film release of the brothers Russo film.

    Avengers: Infinity War is coming out on April 25th. We are boiling, and you?