Make Your Thor Costume With These Earthly Items

avengers infinity war thor costume

Whether you talk about superheroes or cool guys in costume, Thor is your man, The God of Thunder. Only, he has the powers to thunder like no other, just ask Tony Stark, when he was trying to pull up the Mjolnir.

Thanos is back in Avengers Endgame to take over the world and Thor has a brief role fighting the maniac while wearing the awesome Avenger Endgame Jackets.

He is the powerful superheroes to cosplay and in this guide, we will focus on making you look like the Norse God. Here are a few very important items that you need to perfect his looks.

Thor Avengers Endgame Costumes

Thor leather vest

Thor Avengers Endgame Leather Vest

Thor wears this incredible black leather vest in the Endgame. The vest has a decent and attractive appearance, metallic round shields are attached on the vest to make it more unique.

Thor Infinity War Costume DIY:

Thor Eyepatch (Product Page)

The mighty hero is now playing as a pirate. Instead of having a pirate on his shoulder, he got two amazing sidekicks, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Black Shirt (Product Page)

What goes great is a black shirt to create a matching with Avengers Infinity War Thor Costume. Made of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester material.

Thor Axe (Product Page)

Behold the mighty Thor Cosplay Axe to summon the powers. The toy makes thunder sound FX which is activated by pressing the leaf. Only those worthy enough can hold it!

Ragnarok Thor Costume Adult DIY:

With the help of Thor hammer, one can be immortal as the fictional character. We guess they are enough to shut any non-believer of Norse God and motivate them to wear the same.

thor helmet

Thor Helmet (Product Page)

The DIY Helmet is paramount and it’s highly important to get the right one. Showing both high quality and low price to make Thor Halloween Costume.

Thor jacket

Thor Vest (Product page)

If you want to DIY the Thor cosplay then definitely you need this vest. This black jacket is awesome and has the same look as in the movie.

thor shirt

Shirt (Product Page)

We are breaking down the whole DIY Thor Costume Mens to bits so that you can have a perfect Thor Cosplay for this season.  The shirt is made up of soft, stretchable material and design patterns are so flawless that looks just like the real attire. By the way, this tee looks just like his attire.

thor red cape

Thor Cape (Product Page)

It is necessary to understand the importance of Cape for any superhero. No superhero is complete if there isn’t a cape so it’s pretty obvious you need it for this one too.

Thor Hammer (Product Page)

The Hammer is made up of plastic and very easy to carry around (unlike the real hammer). Keep this Mjolnir by the side because it possesses ultimate powers.

Arm guard

 Arm Guard (Product Page)

The costume makers added these arm guards just to make the outfit look sexier. It’ll add details to your Thor Cosplay.

Black Pants (Product Page)

The Adult Thor Costume for Men is complete once you put on the pants. Full sized, stunning and fantastic design.

black boots

Boots (Product Page)

These boots will cost a lot less and reliable for walking. Wearing them casually will not be a problem.

Thor Ragnarok Costume: Complete Package

Thor Ragnarok Costume

Thor Ragnarok Costume Adult (Product Page)

Feel the thunder in this ultimate cosplay kit that consists of Coat, Trouser, Belts, Pads, Cuffs, and Cape. The shield, hammer, and sword are not included.

Thor Ragnarok Loki costume (Product Page)

Loki seems to have joined with Thor to take on the new villain, Hela and he’s also wearing a new suit. Here is a similar attire for men.

Valkyrie Costume (Product Page)

There is a new girl debuting in the third sequel, she’s Valkyrie. The Thor Ragnarok Costume Women includes overall items except for the weapons which will soon be in the guide.

thor valkyrie costume

Thor Ragnarok Valkyrie Costume with Blue Cape (Product Page)

Showing you one more idea for Thor Valkyrie Costume, this one looks way cooler and also includes a blue cape.

Thor Ragnarok Hulk Costume (Product Page)

It is time to get angry by wearing the mighty Hulk outfit from the latest movie. This item comes with a fancy mask helmet, wig, the gladiator suit, and shoes.

hela complete costume set

Hela Complete Costume Set (Product Page)

Hela has made here hellish debut in the new episode. She’s the main antagonist as well as an inspiring character for women. You can buy the set available for $201.00 or you can view her very own Thor Ragnarok Costume guide that includes How to’s and accessories.

Thor Ragnarok Hela Costume Guide:

We made a special guide to capture her style

Ladies and Kids:

Thor Womens Dress

Costume for Women (Product Page)

There are millions of female fans that love to cross the third wall of gender and pose as the most macho superheroes.  Do the same in a better way via Thor Costume for Women.

thor child costume

Thor Costume for Kids (Product Page)

Kids are more attracted to the young hero so consider buying a suit for little ones as well.

The godly guide to Thor Halloween Costume ideas ends here. We have also added ideas of Avengers Endgame Costumes, check out these. We hope that it will help solve the problem of what to pick for Halloween. If not then do tell us, which impeccable personality you want to impersonate and we will crack down that costume for you.